Short run duplication of CDs or DVDs

Once you’ve finished your CD or DVD, you’ll want others to hear it. But why waste money on producing thousands of discs when they’re only going to end up as ‘drink coasters’ in your garage? Short runs are the solution!

We can organise duplication of CD or DVD runs of up to 500 copies, with full colour ink printing onto the CD face.

Turnaround is quick (up to 1 week), and you won’t be left with boxes of excess stock! Perfect for audio or data CDs.

Long run replication of CDs or DVDs

If, however, you’re wanting to duplicate more than 500 CDs or DVDs at a cheaper cost per unit, we can also help. Costs include screen printing onto disc, with or without jewel cases and paper parts.

If you are designing your own artwork, please contact us for specifications. Alternatively, talk to us about designing your artwork for you.

Please remember to allow sufficient turnaround time for replication (approx. 3 weeks depending on the time of year).