Mono Unlimited has much experience with helping authors self-publish their books. From children’s books to family histories, novels to autobiographies, we have designed dozens of books since 2002.

You are possibly considering the option of self-publishing because you have been down the all-too-familiar path of having your manuscript turned down by commercial publishers. Or perhaps you just want to have more control over how your book is produced – after all, it is your book; your blood, sweat and tears; and you may not want someone else telling you how to produce it and then just giving you the customary, token 10% royalty (or less) per copy sold.

A half-way point between self-publishing and commercial publishing

If you would like to explore the option of Mono Unlimited publishing your book, please download this document for more information.


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Books published by Mono Unlimited

Monique Lisbon of Mono Unlimited has been integrally involved in editing, formatting/laying out and/or publishing 180 books between 2002-2024.

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