Whether you want us to write a piano arrangement from scratch or notate existing recordings, or just tidy up and produce computer-perfect sheet music, go no further than Mono Unlimited.

Perfect for the musician who:

  • handwrites all their musical scores, but would like to take their music to the next level of professionalism
  • would like to produce a professional songbook, for their own satisfaction, sale or distribution to friends (NB: we can also help you with printing and binding options)
  • doesn’t have time, patience, software or equipment to enter all their scores into a computer
  • knows how to play their own music, but would like help with putting it on paper… yes, we do know what an F#6,9(maj7) is!
  • has a basic understanding of music, but would like an expert to flesh out arrangements and produce sheet music for their songs
  • is looking for someone with a keen eye for detail, decades of musical and compositional experience and intuition, and flexibility and commitment to meet the needs of each individual client