What is an ISBN?

An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a 13-digit product number (previously 10-digit), used by publishers, booksellers and libraries for ordering, listing and stock control purposes. It enables them to identify a particular publisher, and a specific edition of a specific title in a specific format.

Whilst there is no legal requirement to have an ISBN, and it conveys no legal or copyright protection, many self-publishers choose to include an ISBN as many libraries and bookstores will not accept books without them.



Can Mono Unlimited organise an ISBN for my book?

When Mono Unlimited handles the layout and design of your book, we offer the provision of a Mono Unlimited ISBN included in the general layout costs. Since the ISBN is linked to the publisher, if we organise the ISBN for you, we therefore function as the ‘publisher’; an ideal option for ‘hobbyist’ and self-publishing author alike.

Having your book laid out by Mono Unlimited also gives you the option of your book being included in our secure online shopping cartunderthesun, at a reduced cost.

What if Mono Unlimited is not doing the layout for my book?

For books not designed by Mono Unlimited, you still have the option of selling your book through the underthesun shopping cart.

As the ISBN is linked to the publisher, if we are not publishing your book, we cannot offer you a ISBN. Any individual can apply for an ISBN, and therefore be listed as the ‘publisher’ of their own book. More general information about ISBNs can be found here.

However, whether or not we publish your book, we can still help you with the generation of an ISBN barcode.

What are ISBN barcodes?

The ISBN can be translated into a worldwide compatible barcode format. Barcode scanning is used by major bookstore chains and libraries for book publications and book-related items.

Whether your book is designed by Mono Unlimited or not, we do offer the option of generating a barcode for your ISBN at a very competitive cost. This can be emailed to you in EPS, TIFF, JPEG or PDF format, usually within 24-48 hours (sometimes sooner), or sent by CD if you prefer.

All barcodes are supplied in greyscale format, as this is necessary to ensure all barcode readers are able to scan the information accurately.

How much do ISBN barcodes cost?

If Mono Unlimited is doing the layout of your book, this cost is included in the general layout costs. For all other clients, the costs are as follows:

  • $25 per barcode (supplied by email)
  • $35 per barcode (CD sent within Australia)
  • $45 per barcode (CD sent outside Australia)

All costs include GST and delivery. Files and CDs are both Windows- and Mac-compatible.