John Felesina, Children’s Book Author

“As a first-time author, I was thrilled to find Mono Unlimited to publish my book. Every step of the way, professionals guided me through the process, making the experience a pleasure. The final product turned out exactly as I had envisioned. Monique listened to my thoughts and ideas, resulting in a beautiful book. I cannot recommend Monique and Mono Unlimited enough!”

– John (Giovanni) Felesina, June 2024
Children’s Book Author, ‘Our Dad is FUN!’


Lilian Cohen, Author

“For writers looking to self-publish their work, I heartily recommend Mono Unlimited run by Monique Christensen, a publisher of many years’ experience.

From the outset I found her to be thoroughly professional and empathetic. She was precise in setting out her brief – the scope of the agreed tasks together with the relevant financial details, promptly sending me emails and updates whenever necessary. I found her more than helpful with matters like cover design, choice of font, page and chapter layout. She also spared no effort in offering assistance with my proofreading until I was satisfied with the result, after which she prepared the eBook with different options to correspond to the variations in clients’ devices. Her involvement continued with immediate online assistance to those experiencing difficulty in opening the eBook.

The appearance of the finished book has received much praise, and I know I won’t hesitate to engage Mono Unlimited again for my next book.”

– Lilian Cohen, December 2023
Author of ‘Murder in Hebrew’


Claudia Antony (Dia), Author

“Monique, your past clients have robbed every word of appreciation from the English language and have left none for me to express my thankfulness, appreciation and the delight I have had working with the master editor, designer and everything in between to print a book worthy of reading!

Your professionalism is beyond par, your relentless effort to give form to what I envisioned is noteworthy!

Wait, I can’t say it all, as there’s more coming, more to create with you! I can’t wait for the next one…

You are a blessing, Monique!”

– Claudia Antony (Dia),
Author of ‘My Scroll of Life’, November 2023
Eternal Way


Enrique Hair Salon

“Mono Unlimited did a top quality work on my website Enrique Hair.

Thanks for taking time out for me and your attention to detail is remarkable.

Thanks for ongoing support. Much appreciated.thanks:).”

– Enrique, November 2023
Senior Stylist/Owner
Enrique Hair

Michelle Felesina, Children’s Book Author

“I have just finished publishing my first children’s book with Monique’s help. I wouldn’t have been able to complete this task without her help. Monique was so very kind and patient and just lovely to work with. Monique gets things done quickly and the quality of her work is excellent. I would thoroughly recommend working with Monique and hope to do so myself in the near future.”

– Michelle Felesina, July 2023
Children’s Book Author, ‘Pierre the Pesky Peacock’

Greg Cottrell, Author

“Dear Monique,

Most people go through life getting an education, getting a job, retiring, getting sick and dying. That is a standard ordinary life and that is OK – but few people write books that enrich and benefit others’ lives as well as their own, as I have…

Thanks to you!

I will be smiling with satisfaction on my deathbed.


– Greg Cottrell, February 2021
Freelance Author of 11 books (8 produced by Mono Unlimited),


Paul Beranger, Automotive Designer and Author

“As a first-time author-publisher with little more than training wheels on, I was recommended to Monique Lisbon of Mono Unlimited, who immediately put me at ease with her relaxed but confident attitude toward my project outline presented to her.

I’m sure converting my vision into reality tested Monique’s patience at times, although that was never apparent.

She undertook the project with consummate professionalism, contributing at every stage of the book’s development with enthusiasm, creativity and an eye for detail, especially using her talented book formatting and Adobe Photoshop skills.

Sharing information at our regular meetings, by email or by Dropbox, ensured the work flow was constant, and from Monique, always of the highest standard.

The finished result was beyond my expectation in terms of content presentation and collating, timing and importantly, cost.

Monique then continued to support, designing and managing my website at

I cannot speak too highly of Monique, and would recommend her services to anyone considering book publishing.”

– Paul Beranger, Automotive designer and author, April 2020
‘Crayon to CAD A History of Post-War Automotive Design in Australia’
C2C Publishing



Chris Collin, Author and Independent Publisher

“We started working with Monique Lisbon of Mono Unlimited in 2012, when she designed our first children’s book Funky Chicken: A Bushy Tale of Crocs and Chooks – a beautiful book that has now sold well over 20,000 copies. We have since gone on to produce three more best-selling titles with her help, including Funky Chicken: Chooks in Space – voted winner of the 2016 Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year Awards!

To say Monique’s care, professionalism and skill are of the highest standard would be an utter understatement. Her creativity, commitment and dedication to her clients’ needs are truly outstanding. No job seems too big or small, and her attention to fine detail has been a Godsend!

Monique is also our web master/designer, and does a fantastic job in maintaining and updating our site as required.

Over the years we have recommended Monique to a number of others and will continue to do so in the years to come.”

– Chris Collin, April 2020
Author and independent publisher



Rena Lopata, Author

“Monique recently published my first poetry collection, Walk the Land.

I couldn’t have been more delighted with the personal and careful professionalism in which she undertook my project. From visiting me in my home for preliminary discussions to numerous suggestions and drafts, she communicated with me with understanding and patience.

No editorial detail seemed to be too much trouble for her and she always responded quickly and efficiently.

Monique is a most talented, sensitive designer and expert in ‘Photoshop’, not only with regard to the layout of the book, but also in using Alex Lopata’s photos creatively for the cover and in-side the book.

I have already recommended Monique to others and will continue to do so with warmth and gratitude.”

– Rena Lopata, April 2020
Author and Poet



Lotus Medical Centre and Lotus Cosmetic Centre

“Monique Lisbon is certainly a unique web designer.

We sought the services of Monique after scouring the internet looking for websites that were appealing and user-friendly. Site after site ‘monounlimited’ came up. Upon working with Monique, I realised that one cannot be taught her skills. Monique is certainly a gifted practitioner who applies her creative ability to her craft.

Monique certainly delivered the WOW factor we were looking for in our website. So impressive was her work that in fact Monique designed two websites for us. Her creative approach to her work and her artistic ability, her sense of colour, shape, line and proportion along with her technical expertise allows her to stand out in this very competitive field.

Her courteous attitude, “Can do” and “let us try it” approach is a rare delight. Delivering in a timely fashion is one of her many strengths. Her meticulous attention to detail is breathtaking. Her empathic and warm personality is reassuring. We are delighted with the outcome and look forward to doing more work with Monique.

‘Professional, efficient and attentive’ do not go far enough in describing this amazing professional.”

– Inas Ramzy. 2019
Coordinator, Lotus Medical Centre



Patrick Wright, Editor

“Mono Unlimited assisted me in the production of the five volume set of The Collected Works of June Wright. This comprised the writings (fiction and non-fiction) of my mother, and included much historical material.

The set is magnificent with very high production values. I am very grateful to Monique Lisbon for the working relationship we established, her patience, her creative and technical skills, her advice and the promptness of attending to work; these were were all of the highest order.

This was a very big project of over 1 million words.

I would not hesitate to seek the assistance of Mono Unlimited with any future project, or to recommend Mono Unlimited to others.”

– Dr Patrick Wright, February 2015



Peter Roberts, CM-Th, Harpist

“I consider myself fortunate to have crossed paths with Monique Lisbon and her services through Mono Unlimited. The professionalism of Monique’s service and the swiftness of her development of my website was quite amazing. The final result is fabulous! Visit and have a look!

Thank you, Monique, for your continued extension of courtesy and patience, for your great skills, for translating into plain English the web related mumbo jumbo and your acceptance of my ideas and seemingly endless changes. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.”

– Peter Roberts, April 2014
Roberts Music and The Institute of Music In Medicine (IMIM)



Anne Thistleton, The Baby Calmer

“I have employed the services of Mono Unlimited for over five years on a range of projects, and I have always been extremely pleased with Monique’s high standards, reliability and flexibility.

Monique has a knack of being able to ‘get inside my head’ to understand how my business works, as well as the direction in which I want to take it, and then provide writing and editing services to help shape my business message.

Monique has also been a trusted mentor during the conceptualising and development stages of The Baby Calmer’s services and packages.

I plan to continue to work with Monique in the future on several significant projects that I have planned. I feel that Monique’s creativity, writing and editing skills will be an invaluable asset to the growth of my business in the coming years.”

– Anne Thistleton, July 2010
The Baby Calmer



Heather Spicer, Author

“Monique from Mono Unlimited works miracles!

She’s given jumbled papers, tattered photos, scrawled notes, pages covered with proof-reading red lines, and then she smiles!!! She says it’s all part of the process!

We will forever be grateful to you Monique, for transforming our tentative wishes into a work of art.”

– Heather (and John) Spicer, January 2008
Author, ‘Bangladesh: A Different Time and Place’

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Dr Volkhard Wehner, Historian, Researcher, Author and Publisher

“The four of my most important self-published books were all designed by women. All of them were first-class. But the designer of my latest book – a biography of the artist Arthur Streeton – was a particularly excellent choice.

Monique Lisbon of Mono Unlimited not only designed my book exactly as I wished, making countless suggestions for improvements – not by imposing them but by quiet (and diplomatic) suggestions. Not only that, she helped me in many ways to get the book into the best shape possible which my limited resources allowed, and put me onto an excellent printer. The result gave me much satisfaction.

After the book, Monique also designed and launched my website. I marvelled at her computer skills and once again, the result was exactly what I wanted.

It’s been a pleasure to work with Monique, and I will do so again in my next publishing ventures. I recommend her without any hesitation.”

Dr Volkhard Wehner, June 2008
Author, ‘Arthur Streeton of Longacres: A Life in the Landscape’



Dr George Fragopoulos, Author

“Monique from Mono Unlimited turns your dreams into reality!

She has helped me transform my writings and research into a beautiful book that I am proud to have my name on. I could not have done it without her expertise, knowledge and guidance.

You’re an angel Monique. Thank you for everything!”

– Dr George Fragopoulos, June 2008
Author, Chiropractor
The Wellnessmap: Your Roadmap to Wellness



Frank Keighery, Author

“Before attempting to express my appreciation of Monique Lisbon’s invaluable guidance and assistance I read through the recommendations contained in Mono Unlimited’s website to find that I had been beaten to the punch in my search for superlatives.

In my case Monique was faced with the innovative approach to grammar and punctuation of a tech-school boy indulging in his first sortie into authorship with no knowledge or experience of what was involved in transferring a document into a form acceptable to a printer.

I can only say that Monique was extremely professional, efficient and attentive in her ‘business’ dealings (if you can call them that — more like the understanding tolerance of a close friend) and, if I have any complaint at all, it is that her previous clients have shown no charity at all by denying future clients access to unused plaudits.”

– Frank Keighery, 2008
Author, The Consultants



John Dalrymple, Author

“As an author I enjoy the creative aspects of writing. However, when it comes to the point of preparing the manuscript for the printer, obtaining the necessary copyright, other numbers, and in general all the ‘bits and pieces’ required before a book is published, I do not have the computer skills, and to be truthful, the inclination to tackle it all.

I have just completed my second novel, A Handful of Pebbles, and luckily was introduced to Monique Lisbon of Mono Unlimited. Monique took my basic manuscript and the various photographs I was using to create the cover, and in just a few days had everything organised, together with all those ‘bits and pieces’. Monique also found a number of mistakes I had missed.

Monique was so helpful at our first meeting and readily understood what I was trying to achieve in terms of the presentation of my book. Her suggestions and ideas for things I hadn’t thought of, enhanced the final product even more. Now I wait with great anticipation to receive the books from the printer… the moment when the author sees his work in book form for the first time.

To any writers who are thinking of self-publishing: once you’ve received your quota of rejection slips from the major publishers, I can only recommend you contact Monique Lisbon at Mono Unlimited who will help you achieve your ambition in a most helpful, friendly and professional way.”

– John Dalrymple, Author, September 2007
‘A Handful of Pebbles’ and ‘What Time is Noon?’

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Corry Skilbeck, Author

“For six years I worked on a dream to tell the story of the life of my great grandfather, Eyre Evans. Within six months, Mono Unlimited turned this dream into a reality beyond my expectations. My book Jottings of a Gentleman was completed, on schedule, within the agreed budget expectations and to our mutual delight in a job well done.

From the outset Monique’s knowledge of the publishing process, her clear communication of it, and her willingness to listen to and incorporate my ideas, boosted my confidence as a first time author.

I really appreciated Monique’s flexibility and her tenacity in making adjustments to get things right. It was my book and Monique left no stone unturned to help me achieve my goals. Her patient advice and guidance throughout kept everything on track, achieving a truly professional result.

Speed, accuracy and attention to detail are hallmarks of Monique’s work.”

– Corry Skilbeck, July 2007
Author, ‘Jottings of a Gentleman’

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Starting Now

“We liked Mono Unlimited’s approach so much, we decided to employ their services twice. Monique Lisbon is truly gifted in her craft and matches her extraordinary capacity for meticulous attention to detail with warmth, empathy and generosity of spirit. Thank you Monique for the splendid job you did editing our e-books and bringing a professional polish to the end products. We are proud of them. Your suggestions were astute and insightful, the editing prompt and professional and the service and feedback impeccable. I trust we’ll cross paths again with our next project.”

– Carmen Steger, 2006
Starting Now – Coaching You into Creating Resilience in Midlife



Dr John Sampson, Author

“After nearly three years researching and writing I was beginning to feel like a cyclist approaching the Champs Elysee in the Tour de France. I was nearly spent and faced the daunting prospect of failing to meet my deadline in the jostle and hassle of the last desperate sprint to convert a draft into an acceptable book.

Being the great team member that she is, Monique Lisbon of Mono Unlimited led me through a mountain of work and a tangle of last minute obstacles to set me up with plenty of time for the run home.

If you want a meticulous editor who will provide your project with a bundle of momentum, a set of realistic deadlines and an ability to ride the bumps and cope with unexpected hiccups then I can vouch for the fact that Monique does all of the above, and still comes up smiling.

It was a delight working with her.”

– Dr John Sampson, 2006
Author, ‘Family Matters’



Kathryn Hamann, Poet

“Monique Lisbon of Mono Unlimited was entirely professional in her approach to my poetry book but with that went a warmth and a genuine interest in me and my poetry. Nothing was too much trouble even though much of the work was challenging to typeset. Monique showed a real sensitivity to the use of form and rhythm. She understood what I was trying to achieve and made sure it was achieved. The book’s appearance speaks for herself. It could not have been better done.

Monique always coped with patience my last minute changes. Her bottom line was an unswerving commitment to making this book the best it could be.

Her cover design is brilliant. The cover catches the eye and people seem drawn to the book.

She helped prepare the files for the printer in exactly the form and at the time they requested. When I had problems with the printer, she came to the rescue and worked with them and me until solutions were found. When I needed help she was there. Even though Monique is one person it felt like having a whole team behind me.

She also helped with the marketing of the book. She set up a secure online credit card payment service with full instructions. It is easy to use and it has helped with sales. Once again if there I had a query she came back to me promptly with an answer.

As far as financial arrangements she is clear about her costs, absolutely honest and works to keep costs at a manageable level. Her charges are very reasonable, especially as she is quick and efficient at typing and skilled in her handling of the programs which she seems to have thoroughly mastered.

It comes down to this: Mono Unlimited has a gift for making the rough path to publication smooth. An artist herself, Monique is creative, visionary and makes an excellent midwife for those trying to bring their own creative work to birth.

Maximum number of stars!

I recommend Mono Unlimited without reserve.”

– Ms Kathryn Hamann, 2005
Poet and Author of ‘Arc of Promise’, ‘Pelargoniums’, ‘An Embrace of Morning’, ‘Saint Moon’, ‘The Threshold of Silence’ and ‘A Poor Canticle’
Managing Editor of ShardLight



Ormond Press

“Monique Lisbon of Mono Unlimited is a marvel to work with. I employed her in February 2004 to do the layout for my book, Learning to Breastfeed. From our first meeting I was impressed with her focus, her forward planning and attention to detail. She provided samples of past projects and was able to critique her own work. She also clarified, right from the start, the degree of moral support I would need to bring my book to fruition, and was willing to provide this through phone calls, email encouragements and reminders.

Monique’s manner has been professional and courteous throughout. She appreciates the need for confidentiality and fields phone calls and distractions to ensure that her current client has her full attention during appointments. Her highly organised approach to her work enables her to locate information, work incredibly efficiently and meet deadlines. She has provided me with clear, succinct, timely information about decisions I have needed to make in the course of the project.

Monique’s technical skills have more than equalled the task. She knows her computer packages well and works quickly and confidently with text. She has a keen eye for spelling, spacing and punctuation issues and is also confident with the manipulation and arrangement of graphics. She is used to meeting printers’ specifications. While she often works alone, she has contacts she can draw on for assistance with more specialised tasks.

Monique has worked closely with me to clarify my own design preferences. She is rich in ideas, but has not allowed her own inclinations to override mine. I have appreciated this discretion and feel that the result is all the better for this collaborative approach.

Monique has been a pleasure to work with. She is good-humoured and obliging. Her exceptional standards are reassuring of a polished result.”

– Lil Deverell, June 2004
Co-editor of ‘Learning To Breastfeed
Managing Director of Ormond Press

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Nurse Matthew Walters

“Mono Unlimited does a marvellous job updating my resumé. Monique Lisbon is an incredibly fast typist with great editing skills. She has the experience, computers, software and print-production equipment necessary to produce top-quality material. Monique is resourceful, tenacious, clever and very very organised. Her communication skills are outstanding, she has an amazing memory and her business ethics are beyond reproach.”

– Mr Matthew Walters, 2004
Perianaesthetic Nurse



Victorian Foundation for the Survivors of Torture Inc.

“The Victorian Foundation for the Survivors of Torture has used Mono Unlimited to design, lay out and publish its training calendars since 2002. The service is of excellent quality — efficient and responsive to our requirements, and we are more than happy to recommend this company. Not only is the graphic design performed to a high standard, they are able to significantly undercut our usual printing costs.”

– Ms Roslyn Leary, 2003
Training Co-ordinator
Victorian Foundation for the Survivors of Torture Inc.



National Council of Churches in Australia

“It has been an immense pleasure to work with Monique Lisbon of Mono Unlimited. Without her expert guidance, professional skill and patient commitment, our double music CD of peace and reconciliation songs would never have come so smoothly to birth. Not only is she a talented musician, with a real feel for the needs of other musicians and recipients, but her care and attention is first class, and the quality of the final product is a delight. We commend her work, and the spirit in which she does it, most highly to others.”

– Rev Dr Jon Inkpin, 2003
Decade to Overcome Violence Program Manager
National Council of Churches in Australia



Memories in Print

“Monique Lisbon of Mono Unlimited saved the day when a series of problems had beset the publication of two biographies I was working on in 2002. Mono Unlimited did the desktop publishing aspect of both of these, and organised the printing. They both involved a large number of pictures which needed scanning also. Monique’s sense of page design is excellent.”

– Dr Virginia Lowe, 2002
Children’s Literature Consultant
Author and Director of Create a Kids’ Book and Memories in Print



Barry Browne Media & Management

“Monique Lisbon of Mono Unlimited is one of the most meticulous and talented people I have met. Everything is completed to a standard not regularly available whether it be scoring music, creating artwork, writing letters, creating websites, etc. In my business, detail is of the utmost importance, and Mono Unlimited comes up trumps every time. Nothing is too much trouble and everything is completed with a smile.”

– Mr Barry Browne, 2002
Manager of country/children’s singer and
Tamworth Starmaker 2003 finalist Billie Rose




“Mono Unlimited is thorough, zealous, efficient and meticulous in all their graphics work. They go to great lengths to complete a job exactly as desired and the result is always eye-pleasing and professional. Highly recommended!”

– Rev. Ian Whitehill, 2002
Anglican minister and Director, RSVP: to Life!

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